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These days everyone is looking for a deal when planning a vacation. With the cost of going on holidays these days who can blame them. Some resorts can often cost up to $300 or $400 per night, and that is if you can even get a reservation. Many of the best resorts are sold out a half year in advance. Others keep their best rooms and suites exclusively for timeshare holders or owners.

So what does that mean for the average traveler? Generally they are restricted to the all inclusive package deals that keep them two to a room in a modest hotel. There is nothing wrong with that. For many travelers this is all they need. However, for a family of four or more this style of accommodation is just not enough. Often families are forced to book two rooms; one for the kids and another for the parents.

This type of vacation accommodation often leaves families separated for a large portion of their vacation. There is a planned activity for a portion of the day followed by the teenagers going off to pursue their own activities and retiring to their own room.

Often a family that wants to lodge together has to rent a condo or a suite with two bedrooms. This is expensive with a week rental often costing a couple thousand dollars.

There is another benefit to renting a condo and that is having access to a kitchen. Letís face it, the cost of eating out while on holidays can be a lot. This can lessen that cost burden and give a chance for a family on holidays to sit together outside of a restaurant setting. After all that is the point of the holiday in the first place; to enjoy time together.

One option for a family that travels annually is to buy into a timeshare. This will allow them to spend time together, enjoy meals together and re-establish family bonds. Although the cost of a time share is generally out of reach for many families and if you choose not to travel one year you still end up paying the fees. Plus who wants to continually visit the same resort year after year.

A new and less expensive option is to buy a vacation membership. This will provide travelers with much more flexibility when choosing holiday destinations. However caution needs to be used when choosing a membership since not all are good value. Many limit the resorts available and times which you can visit. It is important for anyone considering a vacation membership to do their research and make sure it will suit their travel needs.

There are many options available for a traveler seeking discount rates on their vacation. Time shares, travel vouchers, and hotel deals are all viable options but for those looking to have a lifetime of fantastic vacation deals them there is a specific vacation membership that needs to be considered.

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